Welcome to J Blair Brown Consulting

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We're shifting our focus...

As we encourage our clients to do from time to time, we've taken an assessment (a SWOT analysis, if you will), resulting in our changing focus. Initially, J Blair Brown Consulting served in a managerial/publicity capacity for our clients. However, a recent restructure means that we have implemented development and production to our ongoing list of services we provide to our clients. That said, our new division - House of J Productions - is proud to announce our first new series soon to be shot in Harrisburg, PA.

Auditions for "SHINE" are scheduled for Sat and Sun, Feb 8th and 9th, 2014 at the East Shore Library, located behind the Colonial Park Mall. The address is 4501 Ethel Street, Harrisburg, PA 17109. With auditions scheduled from 12:30 to 4:30pm on both days, we're sure to get a great response. To see the official casting call, send an email to "2014shineseriesauditions@gmail.com".

Be sure to check back frequently for more of what's coming up for J Blair Brown Consulting and House of J Productions!

     Chantel Motes

Chantel is an actress and model and will soon embark on a brand new venture  - that of TV talk show host. Watch for her in 2014 as she gets celebs waggin' about their upcoming projects.

    Gabriel Bellotti

Gabriel Bellotti was featured in the film "Jack Reacher," the upcoming film "Noah" as well as several productions on the ID Network.

   Nicole Renee

This award-winning actress and singer WOW'd audiences in 2013's stage performance "JADED THE MUSICAL." And that's just the beginning...